Obligatory first post


Here’s the standard welcome to my blog, blah, blah, blah, post. Unfortunately this is a requirement of all new blogs, however, no one is going to force you to read it. I’ll aim to get some actual content on here ASAP so this can just get buried in amazingly insightful cyber security articles.

My name is James Beck, I’m a software engineer turned cyber security expert that’s decided to start a blog to document some of my internet adventures. To be honest, I’m only really starting this blog to co-inside with a couple of other projects that would probably benefit form me to having a stronger personal presence online. That said, who know’s where it might lead.

The first of these projects is a new podcast, Two Hundred OK in which my co-host Chris Cherrett and I ramble through the back streets of the internet in search of interesting finds to share with the world. We’ve already had one go at getting it off the ground, recording our very successful pilot episode, only for time and life got the better on me. We’re back this month with renewed vigour and determination to produce a weekly podcast. Episode 1 will be available shortly after we record it this Friday, 18th August.

The second is The Cyber Defence Institute which aims to educate business leaders and prominent individuals on how to better protect their intellectual property, brands, reputations and money from cyber criminals. We’re hoping to have our first event in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire in the Autumn.

I’m very excited about both projects and hopefully, this blog can become an outlet for my personal research, opinions and lessons which I can refer to both in the podcast and at the cyber defence institute.

I doubt there’ll be any shortage of content; along with the endless supply of headline cyber security news, I’m always tinkering with something. Normally getting bored with my discoveries and moving on before publishing anything of note.

Anyway, who knows what you’ll find here in the future, I hope it’ll be genuinely insightful and useful to people. If you’ve got something interesting to say, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.