I’m an experienced software engineer and cyber security expert working in the UK. From CRM systems, bespoke API’s and everything in-between; I’ve worked with business all over the UK and the world using bespoke software to solve business problems, save money and improve efficiency.

Cyber security was always a factor in writing business software applications, protecting the private data of our clients and their customers has become increasingly relevant over time. As I investigated how other developers solved security issues I realised the answer more often than not was… they don’t.

Over time a professional requirement to understand cyber security became a hobby which has now become a living.

I’m available for cyber security consultancy, investigations, training, etc. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for an informal chat about your requirements.

Twitter: @_jamesbeck
Email: james@jamesbeck.co.uk
Mobile: 07723 013 601

I look forward to hearing from you!